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Andrea Centazzo: Cycles of Life 03-07-2020


Andrea Centazzo: Cycles of Life 03-07-2020

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EARly is proud to present a live streaming video performance by the great ANDREA CENTAZZO..
This video opera in four parts will be streamed as a premiere. 

8.30 p.m. Italy (CEST) = 7.30 p.m. London = 2.30 p.m. NYC = 3.30 a.m. Tokio = 4.30 a.m. Sidney
A “replay” will be available after acquiring a ticket.
All the proceeds from this streaming session will go to the Artist, as for all the other initiatives of EARly.
During his artistic career that spans over 45 years, composer, electro-acoustic percussionist, author, conductor, multimedia artist, and teacher Andrea Centazzo has given more than 1000 concerts and live performances in Europe, Asia and the United States, as well as appeared and performed on numerous radio and television broadcasts worldwide.
In 2011, his Alma Mater, the University of Bologna (Italy) honored him by establishing the “Fondo Centazzo” section of the University Library, where all his musical works are housed and made available to students, scholars and musicians.
Centazzo has taught courses on Music, Percussion, Art, Film, multimedia production and video in universities, high schools and music conservatories including the University of Bologna, the Music Conservatory of Stuttgart (Germany), the High School of Setubal (Portugal), the Art School of Trieste, Italy, and many more (complete list available separately). From 2014 Centazzo will teach Master Classes for the Ph.D. in Music at the Music Conservatory, University of Bologna, Italy showing to the students his innovative approach to the solo digital/acoustic percussion multimedia.
In 2012 he presented 24 concerts in N.Y. for the 35th anniversary of Ictus label performing on digital keyboard and percussion with the top US improvisers including John Zorn.
In 2009 he conducted the John Cage Concerto for Piano and Orchestra featuring Stephen Drury at the Williamsburg Center in NY City in a triple bill featuring also John Zorn and Philip Glass.
He has recorded, engineered and produced over 160 LP’s, CD’s and DVD’s, and he has authored 400 compositions mostly published by Warner Chappell (ranging from opera and symphony to solo works), 2 drum methods and four musicology books. He is also the author of his operas’ librettos and he wrote many articles and essays on the major Italian magazines and newspapers.
He is the director of more than 20 video films presented in all the festivals and venues around the world based on his percussion music. He also directed and staged his operas as well theatrical plays of other American authors.
He has performed at festivals, concert seasons, and theaters as percussion soloist and conductor of his compositions, conducting members of the American Youth Symphonic Orchestra, the TINA Contemporary Orchestra, the Mitteleuropa Orchestra, the ER Youth Symphonic Orchestra and many other ensembles. He also directed and staged his operas as well theatrical plays of other American authors.
His opera Tina was highly acclaimed in Italy (1996) as well in California (1998) where it was staged with an English libretto translation by Paul Vangelisti.
In 2002 Centazzo composed Sacred Shadows a multimedia work scored for Balinese Gamelan and Western Ensemble, one of the few works blending Balinese and Western music..
1985 Diploma di Perfezionamento in Musicologia (Ph.D. in Musicology equivalent) Bologna University, Italy (3 years)
1973 Diploma Corsi Studi Musicologici (Diploma at International courses of Antique Music) Bologna University, Italy (1 year)
1972 Laurea in Legge (Doctoral Degree in Law) Trieste University, Italy (4 years)
1971 Certificate of attendance at the Swiss Jazz School, Bern Switzerland (1 year)
1966 Classical Certificate of Education (5 years)
and also:
1979–1983 private composition studies with Sylvano Bussotti and Armando Gentilucci
1976–1978 private percussion studies at Florence Conservatory of Music (Italy)
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